Omid Habedy


JavaScript 80%8 yrs
jQuery 80%8 yrs
AJAX 90%7 yrs
Vue.js 80%3 yrs
SASS 95%5 yrs
CSS 95%8 yrs
Bootstrap 90%8 yrs
XML/JSON 95%7 yrs
PHP 85%8 yrs
MySQL 80%8 yrs
Laravel 80%6 yrs
WordPress 80%4 yrs
Node.js 80%5 yrs
Express.js 85%5 yrs
MongoDB 85%5 yrs
Rest API 90%5 yrs
eCommerce 90%4 yrs
Shopify 85%4 yrs
On-Page SEO 100%5 yrs
Bash/Shell 90%11 yrs
Apache 85%8 yrs
Git/Github 90%6 yrs
Illustrator 70%6 yrs
Adobe XD 85%4 yrs


Full-stack Developer & Freelancer: 2014 - Present

  • 5+ years of experience as front-end, back-end developer in diversified domains such as Franchise, Healthcare, Real State and Service Providers
  • Maintain and enhance existing applications, APIs with deep understanding of web standards & technologies (ex. HTTP, REST and JSON)
  • Provide quality assurance oversight for development team, Help perform code reviews to ensure development consistency
  • Developing custom web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Epxress.js, PHP, MySQL, Laravel
  • Experience building responsive web pages using modern front end technologies, SASS and CSS (7-1 Pattern and BEM) file structure and design
  • Experience in transforming design content from PSD, Sketch, Ai, Adobe XD to pixel perfect, semantic and standard compliant HTML/CSS template
  • Quickly understand high level business requirements and user stories in order to estimate and refine product backlog items
  • Diligent action item/bug tracking, and presentations to cross-functional/internal teams to manage project milestones and issues
  • JavaScript in a web browser, DOM manipulation, Browser Object Model, AJAX, event handling, and graphics
  • Prototype-based object-oriented programming, classes, and objects
  • Expertise in API Web Services Testing using POSTMAN for manually testing
  • Provide technical expertise across a variety of projects to development team and management
  • Building new features and optimize efficiency and performance as infrastructure scales
  • Understanding of OOD, and design patterns for development frameworks
  • Expertise in project management and bug tracking tools such as JIRA
  • Familiar working with development team using an agile development approach
  • Expertise of version control systems like Git / GitHub